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We at fundforall, powered by Charity On Top, pledge to make giving fun, easy and meaningful for everyone. We are committed to helping our community grow as givers, and not just donors. There is a difference! We do this by helping you create a free charitable giving account that gives everyone a simple way to move your donations to the charities that need your help now. We are painfully aware that 160 billion dollars* are parked in traditional charitable accounts such as traditional donor advised funds (DAFS) and foundations, earning interest instead of out in the world doing good. There are 1.8 million U.S. charities that need funds now to help solve our largest, pressing issues. We will help keep track of the Fund Promises and emphatically support our fundforall community of givers who want action and want to make certain their donations are moving in the new era of philanthropy we are creating. We want to ensure your giving is personal, accessible, meaningful, digitally advanced and all about present-day giving!



As a member of the fundforall giving community, I acknowledge that my charitable donations are needed by charities now. I am painfully aware that there is 160 billion dollars* of donor funds parked in traditional donor advised funds (DAFS) and foundations earning interest instead of out in the world doing good. My modern funforall charitable giving account makes me a part of a new era in charitable giving. Over a year’s time, I will make a commitment to giving 25%, 50%, 75% or 100% of my donations to my charitable fund to help the charities I choose to give to thrive and make the world a better place – today, and I am a GIVER.