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Charity On Top & fundforall

Our History

Charity On Top began in 2016 when co-founders, Marchelle Sellers and Kathy Selders put together forty years of experience in the nonprofit sector as co-founders, executive directors, volunteers and champions of a broad range of social causes to create an innovative new approach to gift giving, always putting Charity On Top. Their philosophy stems from the premise that gift giving can be a rewarding experience for the gift giver, gift receiver and for the world, without the accumulation of unwanted stuff. After 6 years of exponential growth in the charity gift card business, Kathy and Marchelle are building on their momentum and adding another digital offering to their giving community. Their newest venture, fundforall, more... aspires to build on their mission to put charity on top by empowering individuals and businesses to set up free giving accounts that will up their charity! These giving accounts make the benefits of having a dedicated charitable account accessible, convenient, fun, and all about present-day giving!

We at fundforall pledge to make giving fun, easy and meaningful. We are committed to helping our community grow as givers. We will do this by providing access to donor advised fund and foundation accounts in a modern way. We are aware that currently in the U.S. there is 160 billion dollars parked in traditional charitable savings accounts earning interest instead of doing good. We know there are 1.8 million U.S. charities that could benefit from our account holders’ support now. We will support our fundforall neighborhood in becoming part of the new era of philanthropy that is accessible, meaningful, digitally advanced and all about present-day giving! ...less

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