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We at fundforall, powered by Charity On Top, pledge to make giving fun, easy and meaningful for everyone. We help move charitable dollars as fast as possible and get them funds from givers like you to the charities working hard each day who need the financial support now. We are committed to helping our community grow as givers, and not just donors. There is a difference!


We want to solve the

$160 Billion

Charity Parking Lot*

Our goal is to move more money to charities.

According to the Initiative to Accelerate Charitable Giving, there is over $160 Billion dollars sitting indefinitely in a charity parking lot. Charitable money cant solve our world’s biggest challenges if so much of it is parked away, and 160 billion is A LOT of charitable giving that is not in circulation. We are addressing the problem through access to free charitable giving accounts. These convenient accounts will allow our community to move money quickly to causes they care about, reducing the charitable parking lot, and increasing donations to charities who are addressing our societies most important issues today.

*Initiative to Accelerate Charitable Giving. acceleratecharitablegiving.org

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Money On The Move

Be part of the solution and “movement” to drive more money to where it matters most. You will love being a part of the community of givers making a huge difference to charities and those they serve.

Drive money to where it matters the most

Get personal picks of charities that match your passions. We represent 1.8 million charities, so you can easily find your favorites and find new charities to support.

All your giving is tax-deductible

As soon as you upload your funds, you get a tax-deductible receipt.

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As soon as you give funds to a charity, they are notified by email and they can come grab their money instantly. At no cost to them.

All your giving is in one place

No more chasing after your tax-receipts or trying to keep track of them, all your giving is reflected in your account dashboard.

Your giving is fast, easy and fund!

Donate to multiple charities at lightning speed and set up recurring donations to single or multiple charities from your giving account. 

Exciting Things Coming Soon

New features are released every few weeks, so be part of the fun. Customizable Giving Reports, Giving Resume, Rewards Program, Referral Incentives, and more to come.

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